Last year after many years of domestic abuse a family members partner (they were not married) thankfully left her. Ratman, after telling all that would listen he was going to evict her, then did force of sale and tried to get the house to auction. The Judge ruled that the house had to go on the market with an estate agent not auction. The house went on the market after 3 valuations, my Aunts daughter from a previous marriage wanted to buy the house so, put in an offer for more than the auction valuation thinking if Ratman was happy to auction surely he would take an offer in excess of the top auction value. Ratman of course said no, as he knew my aunt would still be living in the house if the house was sold to her daughter. Ratman insisted the estate agent would get more money, so an offer went in more inline with the estate agent valuation. Ratman declined. As the house was under offer, my Aunt didn't let the estate agent in as she knew that Ratman would employ a stooge to bump up the price. My Aunts daughter went on to offer the price the estate agent said my Aunt should take, Ratman would not accept. Instead he applied for directions from the court to auction the property as my Aunt had not let the estate agents in. They went to court where Ratman claimed that my Aunt was trying to cheat him of money by not letting in the estate agent, even though the offers were inline with valuations. It has gone to court and even though Ratman had no proof, he claimed the estate agent said they would get him far in excess of the valuation they gave. This was untrue. An offer was made on the day for the full price of the estate agent valuation, again Ratman declined. Even though my Aunt had the three valuations from before, the Judge said there were none before him and ruled the house must be auctioned, however he gave 2 weeks and urged them to come to an agreement no matter who's money buys the house. He stressed that it would be best for them both if it was not auctioned.

I have a few questions if anyone can help...

How can my Aunts Daughter put in another offer when she has already offered the top valuation price and he has declined it ? Is there any way to make him take the offer?

How has the Judge ordered auction knowing that my aunt has sold the house for more money than auction would attain, so in effect allowing Ratman to financially abuse her again?