Hi Bungaboo,

Thanks for loading the Wills. Can you confirm how each property was held by your parents.
I assume this was probably jointly as joint tenants which would enable each of your parents to 'will' their share. I notice it looks like one of the properties was mortgaged in 3 names (your brother who was to inherit that property?)
When your father passed away was the property that was left to your brother transferred to him at that time?
The property that your mother was living in, what happened to that? Was it transferred to your mother or did this 'drop into' the discretionary trust?
Was the trust ever wound up, or was everything transferred into your mother's name?

Was any interim payment made to any of the children between your father passing away and your mother dying?

There appears to be a document that you have up-loaded that appears to be a provisional will. Do you know if this was ever prepared correctly. Is the will you up-loaded (as opposed to this 'provisional' one) the will that was used to obtain the Grant of Probate?

Did the Worcester property transfer to your brother following your father's death? Is Somers Road the property that you anticipated should be sold and divided equally between the children?

It appears once the properties are dealt with under your mother's will then the rest of her estate is to go to one of the sons? Is that your understanding?

I also not that your mother made her Will on 2003 and your father in 2009. Is there a chance your mother would have amended her will on 2009 also?

Sorry a few more questions. It is important to understand what happened to the properties after your father passed away and who legally owned them at that time. In addition what happened to them after he passed away and into whose names the properties transferred.

Hopefully we'll be able to unravel some of this and point you in the right direction.