My daughter is just looking in to getting a mortgage, she paid off an account with Littlewoods and didnt think anything about it, about a year later she noticed on her credit file that littlewoods had put a default on her credit reference file, she contacted them, they told her that interest was due the following month and was outstanding, she didnt get any letters, she agreed to pay what was outstanding now £108 as she didnt want adverse credit report, Littlewoods agreed to remove the default, she said that she did not accept the debt as she didnt agree with it and she had borrowed money from family but she wanted her file clear. Littlewoods did remove the default. She has now discovered that Lowell have put a default on her credit file 10 months later as they bought the debt, how can they buy a debt that had been paid off?? does anyone know how she now tackles Lowell??? would really appreciate some help