Good Evening

Back in February I received county court claim from Lowell Solicitors for a Credit Card Debt to Vanquis which does appear on my credit file but It isn't a credit card I ever remember having (and I truly do mean that) I have asked them on numerous occasions to since February to provide me the necessary information (i've asked for the original credit agreement) to allow me to see if this debt is actually mines or not however they have still failed to do so. The County Court proceedings are still continue and I have entered my defence stating I have no knowledge of debt, I also was offered mediation with them to resolve this issue without a court hearing but I have stated that I cannot do this without the said proof.

They say they have requested a copy of the agreement (this was back in feburay) but have still been unable to do so

Obviously if the debt is mines I will pay it off in full (I have asked if they would provide a settlement offer but they tell me they can't do that) and I am just not sure where to go next with this. Do I let it play out and take it to court if required or is there anyway of being able to force them to either provide the proof within say 30 days or stop all action?

Thanks in advance