I hope this is in the right place, I have been a director of the company since 2009 and sole director since 2011. From the very beginning things were very difficult and struggled to keep things going. I ended up using all my savings and part of my pension pot to keep things going. In 2015 I received a letter with regards my overdue accounts, simply put I was in arrears with my accountants and had no money coming in so I couldnt meet the deadline. Early 2016 I managed to secure funding to pay the accountants and the penalty for publishing the late accounts, £750. I tried to get things back on track but it became obvious that things were not improving. The support I was getting from the accountants stopped as I could not meet the payments for the latest accounts they had compiled for me.
I had another letter from Companies House at the end of 2016 saying that the accounts were overdue and as I had been late before the penalty would double to £1,500. This to me was impossible so it went past the deadline day. Shortly after this I received a letter saying that I had 3 months to resolve the issue or the company would be dissolved via compulsory strike off. This was finally confirmed for February 21st 2017.
I owed very little other than to the accountants,having paid others before myself even when others didnt pay me, which is probably why I have ended up with nothing.

There are a couple of things that are puzzling me,
1. Do I have to formally resign as a director. Form TM01
2. Are directors entitled to any redundancy payment.

Best regards