There have been many reports of people targeting vunerable people in the following areas.


People are reporting that people are knocking on doors claiming to be Thames Water, it is later proved they are NOT.

Before you let anyone claiming to be an engineer in, please remember...

1: No engineer will come to your house without appointment- and it's bloody hard to get one. If you are in a smart metering area you will have a calling card requesting you call in for an appointment to fit a meter.

2: Meter readers will have full I.D and will not mind being asked to wait for you to verify them. They are expecting to be asked.
3: DO NOT call any numbers you are given by someone on the door. Google the number yourself and call in.

4: Smarter Home Visit officers will have the same thing, ask them to wait outside and call to make sure. They will not mind in the slightest. They will offer you advice on how to save water and offer free gadgets to help. THEY WILL NOT ASK FOR ANY PAYMENTS AND THE INFORMATION THEY GIVE IS FREE OF CHARGE!
You should also be given an appointment time for them arriving

5: Water Quality checks DO take place randomly, once again they will not mind being asked to wait while you verify their identity. They can just arrived unannounced but will ask to be allowed to pour one or two glasses of water and maybe flush the toilet. They may carry out a few tests on the water from your tap. Don't worry this is purely to ensure quality.

None of the above will ask any details of your account, if they do decline the information. Advise them you will call Customer Services to confirm these details at a later date. Meter installers may ask if you own the property. This is ok to disclose as they may need Landlord permission to fit a meter.

When dealing with a prospective engineer, remember the most important rule of all.

If in doubt, keep them out! Check with customer services, that's what they are there for!