Just thought people might like a heads up

This is on an anytime BT package

Last month a call was made to BT on an 0800 number , during the call it was transferred to the accounts department. The call lasted over an hour but you would expect it to be free

When the bill arrived it showed a charge for a call to 'Falkirk' . On investigation it was stated the charge was because the call lasted over an hour however the operator refused to identify the number in question because of the usual jibberish but assured my mother it was not a BT number.

Anyway Miss Marple took it into her own hands and phoned the number- sure enough it was BT accounts who were most concerned that she had got their number!

Long and short of it was , a refund has been given

Why on an 0800 number should they try and screw you by charging after an hour
Why lie?

Just so people are aware