Hi All,

I've been reading through a few other threads regarding County Court Claims for parking charge notices and whilst all the info is very helpful it may not necessarily help with this situation so i decided to log a new thread. Apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere.

The registered keeper of a car has received a County Court Claim requesting a total payment of £242.48 because the car had been parked on private property supposedly without a ticket in 2015. The claimant is Vehicle Control Services Limited and was filed by BW Legal. The private property was and still is a family members work car park and the land is owned by the company they work for. The car has been parked on these premises on many occasions and on every occasion the driver has been given permission to do so with a ticket. The ticket was supplied by the land owner and titled 'Vehicle Control Services GUEST' and was displayed on the dashboard of the car. On the date specified in the county court claim, they declare a ticket was not displayed. At the time of the incident it's believed there were only 2 signs stating 'Primate property...Valid Permit holders...Parking charge £100' but now there are 4.

The registered keeper of the car has received several letters from VCS and subsequently the debt collectors they hired to chase the charge. Each time these letters were ignored as is commonly advised. They were ignored because it was believed the parking attendant had mistakenly written the ticket despite sufficient permission being presented. The register keeper has not seen evidence to prove that either the car was parked there or if a ticket providing permission was displayed.

The registered keeper of the car intends to appeal the decision in court but would like help understanding if they have a leg to stand on and the potential outcomes.
The sum of £242.48 has been broken down to - Amount claimed £167.48, Court Fee £25, Legal representative's costs £50.
If the registered keeper did go to court and was to lose his appeal, is it possible for the sum of £242.48 to increase or are these costs the maximum possible pay out?

The registered keeper intends to use the following in their defence;
-VCS vs Ibbotson (right of the claimant to issue charges on behalf of the land owner) - http://nebula.wsimg.com/e3da92cb966c...&alloworigin=1
-Insufficient/unclear signage.

Thank you very much for reading this far. Any and all advice will be greatly appreciated!!!