My daughter is buying a house with her partner as first time buyers. She is really worried and upset. Basically, to try and cut a long story short - her seller has been waiting for a New Build property to move into before he sells his house. The house is in effect sold 'subject to contract' to my daughter and her partner. They are due to complete and the end of this month (27th Jan) but the problem is that they don't have the £1,800 for the stamp duty fee (£1,000) and the solicitors fees (£800) and her partner does not get paid until 31st January which is 5 days after the due completion date. My daughter is telling me that the seller won't wait for 5 days which I find hard to believe as she said that his new build is ready to move into and that he will want to move in as soon as it is ready and my daughter thinks that the seller will pull out and do a part-exchange with the new build property owners if they can't complete on the 27th. They said they have spoken with their solicitors etc and there is nothing more they can do to help. They cannot raise the £1,800 so what are their options? Is my daughter telling me the truth? I just cannot believe that their seller cannot wait 5 days for completion. My partner last night told me he finds this hard to believe too. What do others think please? I appreciate any replies.