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Making your first post on Legal Beagles

When you have reached the forum you may wish to say hello in the Welcome Forum http://www.legalbeagles.info/forums/...-Welcome-Forum.
Under the you will see + Post New Thread
Having clicked 'post new thread' you will now be able to leave your message in the large box and don't forget to add a title in the box provided. Just a simple Hi or your user name saying hello will be fine, but without a title the post will not go.

On completing your title and brief intro go to the bottom you will see in the blue band 'Submit New Thread' or Preview Post'
These are as they say click on 'Submit New Thread' and you will now have started a thread in the Welcome Forum if you wish to check if your post is ok then click 'Preview Thread' If all is ok then just 'Submit' it.

Not wanting to say hello in the 'Welcome Forum' but would just like to ask a question on a certain problem. Go the Forum you need by using the drop down box under 'Forum' on the blue band at the top of the page or choose one of the subjects covered below.

Once you have reached the correct forum either start a new thread as above, read the stickies providing useful information, or if there is a particular thread you wish to comment on Click 'Reply to Thread' in the blue box at the top of the page, or the blue box just above the comment box. Make your post in the box provided and then click 'Post Quick Reply'