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    Credit Cards

    -------->Abbey Credit Card
    American Express
    -------->American Express Green
    -------->American Express Platinum
    -------->American Express RED
    -------->British Airways American Express
    -------->Nectar Credit Card
    -------->Nectar for Business Credit Card
    Bank of Ireland(NI)
    -------->Bank of Ireland Gold
    -------->Bank of Ireland MoneyBack Gold
    -------->Bank of Ireland Standard
    -------->Bristol & West
    -------->Post Office Platinum
    -------->Post Office Platinum
    -------->Post Office Travel Money Card
    -------->Barclaycard Breathe Special
    -------->Barclaycard Cashback
    -------->Barclaycard Charity Card
    -------->Barclaycard Flexi-Rate Special
    -------->Barclaycard Football
    -------->Barclaycard Initial
    -------->Barclaycard Life of Balance Special
    -------->Barclaycard Low Rate Special
    -------->Barclaycard One Pulse
    -------->Barclaycard Platinum Special
    -------->Barclaycard Purchase Special
    -------->Barclaycard Simplicity
    -------->Barclaycard Student Card
    Barclaycard Business
    -------->Barclaycard Business Charge Gold
    -------->Barclaycard Business
    -------->Barclaycard Business Gold
    -------->Barclaycard Business Standard
    Capital One Bank
    -------->Capital One Balance Transfer Card
    --------> BankCapital One Cashback
    -------->Capital One Classic
    -------->Capital One Platinum
    -------->Citi Platinum
    -------->Citi Platinum Life of Balance
    -------->Citi/AAdvantage Gold
    -------->Shell MasterCard
    Diners Club UK Ltd
    --------> Diners Club Travel Rewards
    Egg Banking plc
    -------->Egg Card
    -------->Egg Money
    First Trust Bank
    --------> First Trust Bank (NI) Option 1
    -------->First Trust Bank (NI) Option 2
    -------->First Trust Bank (NI) Option 3
    GE Capital Bank
    -------->ASDA Credit Card
    -------->Debenhams Classic Credit Card
    -------->GE Money Credit Card
    -------->PayPal Credit Card
    Bank Of Scotland
    -------->AA Credit Card
    -------->Bank of Scotland
    -------->Bank of Scotland Commercial
    -------->Bank of Scotland One
    -------->Battersea Dogs' Home
    -------->Birmingham Midshires
    -------->Britannia BS
    -------->Britannia Classic Introductory Rate
    -------->Britannia Platinum Introductory Rate Credit Card
    -------->British Red Cross
    -------->Cancer Research UK
    -------->Carphone Warehouse
    -------->Elvisly Yours
    -------->Great Ormond Street Hospital
    -------->Halifax One Online Special
    -------->Harley-Davidson Chrome
    -------->Harley-Davidson Platinum
    -------->Intelligent Finance
    -------->Intelligent Finance Flat Rate
    -------->ipoints Loyalty Card
    -------->Lawn Tennis Association
    -------->Leeds BS
    -------->Little Black Card
    -------->Macmillan Cancer Relief
    -------->Marie Curie
    -------->Marriott Rewards Card
    -------->National Canine Defence League
    -------->National Childbirth Trust
    -------->National Union of Teachers
    -------->Norwich and Peterborough BS
    -------->NSPCC Charity Card
    -------->Premier Rugby
    -------->Royal Horticultural Society
    -------->Royal National Institute for the Deaf
    -------->Sainsbury's Bank
    -------->Sainsbury's Bank Advantage
    -------->Sainsbury's Bank Platinum
    -------->Sainsbury's Bank Standard
    -------->SSPCA Charity Card
    -------->The AA
    -------->TUC (Trades Union Congress)
    -------->Welsh Rugby Union
    -------->Whale & Dolphin Conservation
    -------->Youth Hostels Association
    Halifax Card Services
    --------> Credit Card
    HSBC Bank Plc
    --------> Artscard
    -------->Beneficial Bank
    -------->Cambridge University
    -------->English Heritage
    -------->first direct classic card
    -------->first direct credit card
    -------->first direct gold card
    -------->GM Card
    -------->HFC Bank
    -------->HSBC Bank Credit Card
    -------->HSBC Commercial Card
    -------->HSBC Premier
    -------->HSBC Student Credit Card
    -------->John Lewis-Waitrose Partnership
    -------->Marks & Spencer &MORE
    -------->RSPCA Platinum
    ICICI Bank
    --------> ICICI Bank Platinum Card
    Lloyds TSB
    -------->Breakthrough Breast Cancer
    -------->Create Card
    -------->Lloyds TSB Advance
    -------->Lloyds TSB Airmiles Duo
    -------->Lloyds TSB Platinum MasterCard
    -------->Lloyds TSB Travel Money Card
    -------->National Counties BS
    -------->Scottish Widows
    -------->United Airlines
    MBNA Europe Bank
    -------->Alliance and Leicester Platinum
    -------->Alliance and Leicester Standard
    -------->AOL Rewards American Express
    -------->Arsenal Rewards Platinum
    -------->Aston Villa Rewards Platinum
    -------->Aston Villa Rewards Standard
    -------->Barnsley BS Platinum
    -------->Barnsley BS Standard
    -------->Bath Rugby Platinum
    -------->Bath Rugby Standard
    -------->Battersea Dogs and Cats Home
    -------->Birmingham City FC Platinum
    -------->Birmingham City FC Standard
    -------->Blackburn Rovers Rewards Platinum
    -------->Blackburn Rovers Rewards
    -------->bmi Classic Platinum
    -------->bmi Classic Standard
    -------->Boating Extreme Sports
    -------->Boating Inland Waterway
    -------->Boating Platinum
    -------->Boating Sail Boat
    -------->Boating Speed Boat
    -------->Bolton Wanderers Rewards Platinum
    -------->Born Free Foundation Standard
    -------->Bradford Bulls Platinum Plus
    -------->Bradford Bulls Standard
    -------->Bradford City AFC Platinum
    -------->Bradford City AFC Standard
    -------->Breakthrough Breast Cancer
    -------->Bristol Shoguns Platinum
    -------->Bristol Shoguns Standard
    -------->British Heart Foundation Platinum
    -------->British Heart Foundation Standard
    -------->British Motorcyclists Federation
    -------->Burnley FC Platinum
    -------->Burnley FC Standard
    -------->Cardiff City FC Platinum
    -------->Cardiff City FC Standard
    -------->Carlisle United Platinum
    -------->Carlisle United Standard
    -------->Charlton Athletic Platinum
    -------->Chelsea Rewards Platinum
    -------->Cheshire Building Society
    -------->ChildLine Platinum
    -------->ChildLine Standard
    -------->Classical Arts Platinum
    -------->Classical Arts Standard
    -------->Cystic Fibrosis Trust Standard
    -------->Delta SkyMiles Platinum
    -------->Delta SkyMiles Standard
    -------->England Cricket Platinum
    -------->England Rugby Platinum
    -------->England Rugby Standard
    -------->Fulham Platinum
    -------->Fulham Standard
    -------->Garfield Standard
    -------->Gloucester Rugby Platinum
    -------->Gloucester Rugby Standard
    -------->Golf Platinum
    -------->Golf Standard
    -------->Grimsby Town FC Platinum
    -------->Grimsby Town FC Standard
    -------->GSE Racing
    -------->Halfords Rewards Platinum
    -------->Heart of Midlothian Platinum
    -------->Honda Racing Standard
    -------->Huddersfield Town FC Platinum
    -------->Huddersfield Town FC Standard
    -------->Ipswich Town Platinum
    --------> travel cash
    -------->Leeds Tykes Platinum
    -------->Leeds Tykes Standard
    -------->Leeds United Platinum
    -------->Leicester City FC Platinum
    -------->Leicester City FC Standard
    -------->Leicester Tigers Platinum
    -------->Leicester Tigers Standard
    -------->Leyton Orient FC Platinum
    -------->Leyton Orient FC Standard
    -------->Liverpool FC Rewards Platinum
    -------->London Irish Platinum
    -------->London Irish Standard
    -------->London Wasps Platinum
    -------->London Wasps Standard
    -------->Loughborough BS Platinum
    -------->Loughborough BS Standard
    -------->Manchester City Rewards Platinum
    -------->Manchester United Platinum
    -------->Manufacturing, Science & Finance
    -------->MBNA Business Card with bmi
    -------->MBNA Business Card Cashback
    -------->MBNA Platinum Plus
    -------->MBNA Platinum Rewards Card
    -------->MBNA Rewards American Express
    -------->MBNA Self Employed Business
    -------->MBNA Travel American Express
    -------->Melton Mowbray BS Platinum
    -------->Melton Mowbray BS Standard
    -------->Middlesborough Rewards Platinum
    -------->Miles & More Platinum
    -------->Miles & More Standard
    -------->MotoGP Platinum
    -------->MotoGP Standard
    -------->Motorcycle Action Group Platinum
    -------->Motorcycle Action Group Standard
    -------->National Geographic Society
    -------->National Trust Platinum
    -------->NEC Harlequins Platinum
    -------->NEC Harlequins Standard
    -------->Newcastle Falcons Platinum
    -------->Newcastle Falcons Standard
    -------->Newcastle United Rewards
    -------->NFU (National Farmers' Union)
    -------->Northampton Saints Platinum
    -------->Northampton Saints Standard
    -------->Norwich City Platinum
    -------->Oxford United FC Platinum
    -------->Oxford United FC Standard
    -------->PCA Cricket Card
    -------->Peterborough United Platinum
    -------->Peterborough United Standard
    -------->Prince's Trust Platinum
    -------->Prince's Trust Standard
    -------->Priority Club Rewards Platinum
    -------->Priority Club Rewards Standard
    -------->Queens Park Rangers Platinum
    -------->Rangers Platinum
    -------->Reading Rewards Platinum
    -------->Red Ribbon Platinum
    -------->Red Ribbon Standard
    -------->Robinsons Country Leisure
    -------->Rotary International
    -------->Rotherham United FC Platinum
    -------->Rotherham United FC Standard
    -------->Royal British Legion Standard
    -------->Royal Doulton Platinum
    -------->Royal Doulton Standard
    -------->Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Society
    -------->Sale Sharks Platinum
    -------->Sale Sharks Standard
    -------->Saracens Platinum
    -------->Saracens Standard
    -------->Sargent Cancer Care for Children
    -------->SBK Card Series Platinum
    -------->SBK Card Series Standard
    -------->Sheffield United Rewards
    -------->Ski Club of Great Britain Platinum
    -------->Ski Club of Great Britain Standard
    -------->SonyCard Platinum
    -------->Southampton FC Platinum
    -------->Southampton FC Standard
    -------->Speedway Grand Prix Standard
    -------->Thomas Cook Credit Card
    -------->Tottenham Hotspur Rewards
    -------->Tranmere Rovers FC Platinum
    -------->Tranmere Rovers FC Standard
    -------->UK Athletics Platinum
    -------->UK Athletics Standard
    -------->UNICEF Platinum
    -------->VIP Entertainment Card Platinum
    -------->Virgin Credit Card
    -------->Watford Rewards
    -------->Welsh Rugby Union Platinum
    -------->West Ham United Rewards
    -------->Worcester Warriors Platinum
    -------->Worcester Warriors Standard
    -------->WSPA Standard
    -------->WWF Platinum
    -------->WWF Standard
    -------->Wycombe Wanderers FC
    Morgan Stanley
    -------->buy and fly!
    -------->Morgan Stanley
    National Australia Bank
    -------->Clydesdale Bank Gold
    -------->Yorkshire Bank Business
    -------->Yorkshire Bank Gold
    -------->Nationwide BS Classic
    -------->Nationwide BS Gold
    -------->Nationwide Comic Relief
    Royal Bank Of Scotland
    -------->Lombard Direct
    -------->MINT Credit Card
    -------->NatWest Business Charge Card
    -------->NatWest Business Credit Card
    -------->NatWest Platinum
    -------->NatWest Student
    -------->Tesco Bonus Credit Card
    -------->Tesco Business Card
    -------->Tesco Clubcard Credit Card
    -------->Ulster Bank (NI)
    -------->Ulster Bank (NI) Gold
    -------->Woodland Trust
    -------->Royal Bank of Scotland
    -------->Royal Bank of Scotland Royalties
    -------->Royal Bank of Scotland Student
    SAV Credit
    --------> Aqua
    Co-Operative Bank plc
    -------->Action Aid
    -------->Amnesty International Standard
    -------->Barnardo's Standard
    -------->Children's Society
    -------->Christian Aid
    -------->Co-operative Bank Advantage
    -------->Co-operative Bank Clear
    -------->Co-operative Bank Travel
    -------->Help the Aged
    -------->Help the Hospices Standard
    -------->Labour Party
    -------->Liberal Democrats
    -------->Medical Foundation
    -------->Mothers' Union
    -------->Northern Rock
    -------->Oxfam Advantage Platinum
    -------->Oxfam Standard
    -------->Ramblers Association
    -------->Save The Children
    -------->Sightsavers International
    -------->Stroud & Swindon BS
    -------->Terrence Higgins Trust
    -------->The Children's Society
    -------->Vegetarian Society
    -------->Yorkshire BS Base Rate Tracker
    -------->Yorkshire BS Classic Credit Card

    If you have more credit card providers to add please report this post which is the warning triangle at the top of the post or alternatively please send me a Private Message and I will update the list, Thanks.
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