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As a fellow taxpayer, I think that the this Government should claw back every last penny it can
Why not?
Let's start with the simple fact that they, the DWP, do not use information which they already have available to them before they start accusing the deceased of fraud. In my mothers case they 'found' a letter from me that was ten years old explaining her change in circumstances although by their rules under assessed income periods I didn't have to inform them. They found this letter within 45 minutes of my threatening to sue. Really? do you believe that? a ten year old, handwritten letter from a relative can be found inside 45 minutes but when others on here have asked them for details of their relatives original claim they can't find that.

Here's a not impossible scenario to show the stupidity of this. Let's say mrs x, a widow on a small pension claims income support legitimately, her savings are £10,000. She lives in rented accommodation and concerned about their mother one of her children moves her in with them. Over the next say ten years mrs x spends very little, and when she passes away her savings have almost doubled. Who is entitled to that money? the government or her son/daughter who has housed her etc for the last ten years?