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Thread: LLoyds address

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    Default LLoyds address

    Hi does anyone have a address for lloyds Is it still Brighton

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    Default Re: LLoyds address

    There's quite a few, depending on what you're after:

    Registered Address
    Lloyds TSB plc
    25 Gresham Street
    EC2V 7HN

    Copy Statement Unit
    Lloyds TSB plc
    Swallow House
    10 Swallow Street
    B1 2AL

    Customer Care
    Lloyds TSB plc
    125 Colmore Row
    B3 3SF

    Lloyds PPI Customer Care
    Lloyds TSB Insurance
    Tredegar Park
    South Wales
    NP10 8SB
    Tel 0845 3005599
    Fax 01633 468835

    Lloyds Tsb Credit Card Account Services
    Sussex House,
    1-9 Gloucester Place
    BN1 4BE

    Lloyds Tsb Customer Services Recovery Team
    Charlton Place C57
    SP10 1RE

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    Default Re: LLoyds address

    Thank you FlamingParrot, was to post them up, you beat me to it lol, cheers! ;-) x

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