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Thread: Te7 , Te9 forms. Mr bailiff coming

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    Default Te7 , Te9 forms. Mr bailiff coming

    Hi guys, following on from my thread here I just need advice if possible on filling out these forms, how do I word it and to what reasons, here's my scenario,

    1, parking ticket on screen
    2, Order for recovery of unpaid penalty charge.
    3, letter off Equita demanding £125
    4, delivered by hand bailiff removal letter, £350

    No reminders or anything, I've asked my mothers and she is %100 sure there was no letters before the order of recovery.

    Im expecting mr bailiff back anytime soon, these forms seem so complicated


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    Default Re: Te7 , Te9 forms. Mr bailiff coming

    The local authority involved has not sent a Notice to Owner. Your mother will need to complete the forms as she is the registered owner and the law holds the registered owner liable for the PCN. Depending on which one you are going to complete, your mother will need to get one notarised, that is, take it to a solicitor and swear a Statutory Declaration. This should cost £5-£10.

    Like I said in your other thread, Equita are not entitled to £350. You or your mother might wish to instruct a solicitor to write to the local authority involved and point out that their enforcement contractor, Equita, is attempting to obtain fees the law does not permit, despite already being under investigation for irregularities relating to its fees. It is better that a solicitor writes as it stops Local authorities fobbing people off with "Speak to the bailiff" and makes them take the matter seriously. They are 100% vicariously-liable for Equita's actions. And that means they have to pay compensation if Equita mess up.
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