Hi all,

I am at a bit of an impasse with a premium subscription service called Snack games that I DIDN'T sign up for. It seems they have sent me multiple premium text messages that charge me £2.99 a week. This has been happening since end of May until yesterday, when I noticed it on my bill. I spoke to my mobile service provider who has now blocked premium numbers (why don't they do this as standard?).

I sent an email yesterday to Snack games:



I would like to request a refund for charges against my number xxxxxxxxxx, charged between June and November this year, totalling £xx.xx, for unsolicited premium services.

I have already contacted my phone provider who have blocked you from retrieving any more payments from me. Could you also take me off the subscriber list.

I categorically did not sign up, and I have been advised by my phone provider to contact you to request a refund of the above charges, as they know that I did not activate the service myself.

Could you action the above ASAP, as if not resolved to my satisfaction I will be getting the Communications Ombudsman involved.

Kind Regards,

Darren Judd


They have responded today with:


Dear Customer,

Following your recent email we would like to provide you with a better understanding of Snack Games.

Snack Games aim is to provide the UK’s best hub of on-the-go games for smartphones. Over 300 games are available in one simple portal. Wherever, whenever you are, you can enjoy unlimited access to the best casual games, the service just costs you £2.99 per week.

I have looked into our database, and I confirm that your subscription to Snack Games was initiated on 27th May 2017 from your [Phone Model].

In order to subscribe to Snack Games a user has to follow these steps:

1. Click an advert displaying a game or a selection of games

2. Click the “Subscribe Now for £2.99” button on the Payforit billing page after reviewing the pricing and terms. Payforit is designed to make it easy to pay for services via mobile phone and it is supported by all licensed UK mobile operators.

3. Users are redirected to second page and need to click the “Confirm this charge to your mobile” button. After that, the following SMS is sent to confirm the subscription: “FreeMsg: Thank you. You have subscribed to Snack Games for £2.99/week from Cellfish until you text STOP to 89365 to opt out. HELP? 03308080653” Once you have authorised the payment by pressing ‘Subscribe’, a payment request goes directly to your mobile operator for validation.

There is no means of subscribing to Snack Games without these 3 positive actions being conducted on a mobile handset.

We hope this clarifies the nature of the service and the way that users sign-up.

Despite this, as a gesture of goodwill, we are happy to offer you a refund of £xx.xx (Half the amount of what they initially charged). However our accountants and auditors require us to validate your address details before we can release the refund cheque to you.

Please can you send us a copy or a screenshot of the following:

Mobile Operator Bill (dated within the last three months) or a Utility Bill {Electric, Gas etc}, (clearly dated within the last three months)
which has your name and full postal address, so we can add this to your refund file claim. This validation is recognised as acceptable by the Regulatory Authorities and is designed to avoid fraudulent and spurious claims.

If you do not have access to a bill, your service provider can assist you with this.

In the meantime I have ensured your subscription is terminated and you will not be charged any further.

Kind Regards,

Snack Games Customer Service


Is this a legal practice? I definitely didn't request this service.

Do I have any leg to stand on to try and recoup all of the money or should I accept their 'gesture of goodwill'.

I know for a fact that I haven't used their service at all, and I hadn't heard of snack games until my mobile service provider advised me of the number and I did a bit of googling.

Also I am a bit dubious about giving them the rest of my details to obtain the refund (as I already feel scammed, and I've read stories about people texting STOP to stop the subscription being subscribed to another, more expensive premium service), any ideas on if it's safe to provide this so they can process a refund?