Hi, I was hoping someone may be able to help. I apologise in advance for the long post.
My partner sent the VT letter to black horse last month, which they received 12th October. He later received a letter from them dated 24th October stating he had to pay £163.16 to terminate the agreement, along with the collection charges letter.
He called them up to find out why and they claim that as they hadn't received the car back by 18/10 he was liable to pay for the month. The following day he received a phone call back from them saying it was a mistake and he wasn't due to pay any more and they said to sign the forms about collection charges etc and send them back and they'd waive the fees.
Obviously he didn't sign the forms, instead sent the collection fees template letter back, also adding the following in to the letter 'After receiving your letter dated 24th October 2017 claiming I have to pay £163.16 I contacted yourselves to clarify why and I was advised by your representative
that it is due as you had not received the goods back by 18th October so I have to pay for the month of October. May I remind you that my financial agreement was termination as per The Consumer Credit Act 1974 on the 12th October 2017. I therefore dispute that you are due said payment.' This was received by them 10/11.
Today he has received a default notice in the post for the £163.16, but has not received anything about them collecting the car still.

Any advice on what to do next would be massively appreciated. Surely this default notice is unfair and shouldn't be in default at all? Thanks in advance.