Hi all,

I have a quick query if anyone can help... I have VT'd my car, I have a substantial amount of excess miles, Audi have waived the damage as a gesture of good will which was about £200.00 (estimated by them) but request payment of the excess miles, currently about £4k

Long story short, the salesman told me the miles situation wouldn't have any effect when I came to change my car as it would all be massaged into the deal, that term all salespeople seem to love ! As this was my fifth Audi on a pcp without any previous issues, I didn't think anything of it, anyway it became an issue so I didn't have any other choice but to VT the car, I think trying to argue this point wont get me anywhere as Audi just are not interested, so my question is, doesn't it help with the argument to VT and reasonable care taken if Audi themselves are waiving the fee for damage? - just wondering what to do next?

Many thanks