Hi everyone,

I havenít been on for a while so apologies for my lack of contact and Thankyou so much for your input so far.

Ok so a quick recap that my mother passed away intestate & her partner placed a caveat on the sale of her property, which has now been warned off however we are still in information exchange discussions around this.

My my question now relates to my duties as personal administrator. My 2 nephews will inherit their late mother (my late sister) share of the estate. They are 12 & 14. We are not yet at settlement discussions/mediation, however, I
am aware I need to notify their father that they will be beneficiaries. He will be invited to any mediation meetings on their behalf of course but I need some advice as to how to word the letter to him advising this.

I know they canít inherit as such & any monies go into a trust fund until they are 18 but Iím assuming he will need his own legal representation for the boys to ensure any settling with my Late mothers partner is fair to them as equal beneficiaries too.

I recently applied for letters of administration and swore the Oath last week. I have the estate accounts all ready & the house sale is pending letters of admin being granted.

Any my advice on ensuring all appropriate wording is included would be very gratefully received. Itís fair to say i donít have any kind of relationship with him at all although see my nephews regularly. I have not broached the subject at all & my later mother passed away 5 months ago.

very many thanks in advance.