On with the saga of Callie's Employers.

I had a welfare meeting where I had to explain why I am so depressed and unhappy. I have explained the way I feel and why, that it is the culture the smell you name it.

I have said I have been waiting 12 months for a transfer but barriers are constantly put in front of me and that I am still waiting on reasonable adjustments to help prevent my pain.

I have been told that due to me being off sick with depression until further notice, I will not be eligable for a transfer as they are taking this in to consideraton! Now unless I am very mistaken, if the depression is caused by work they have a duty of care to prevent this? I have spoken to a friend who is certain this is discrimination under the Mental Health Act as I have been driven to this sickness from the sheer unhappiness I feel on a day to day basis.. im even on anti depressant medication that I shouldn't need!!

Thoughts please?