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Thread: Dispute between staff handled incorrectly by manager, help please

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    Default Dispute between staff handled incorrectly by manager, help please

    Hi All.

    I'm having difficulty with a situation that has arisen at work between myself and another member of staff.

    I work for a charity as a bank van driver delivering used donated goods between shops. As drivers we are meant to take stock from shops and deliver stock however recently because of operating difficulties drivers have been advised not to overfill our vans or lift anything too heavy so we have the right to say that we will not take stock from shops if it means breaching that latest directive. This upsets some shops managers but we are not to compromise our licenses by over filling vans.

    The trouble is that we have not been given training on correct loading of vans so have no real idea when the vans are full, at least I don't and can only go by hunch.

    Last week I was dealing with shop X and the manager asked for stock to be taken and I refused explaining that the van was full which she was not happy with and she relayed this to a fellow van driver who rang my line manager to query this. There should have been no question about my decision since it was final.

    My line manager informed me that my colleague who had reported me had also said he thought in his opinion that my van had space because he'd seen my van before we left the depot.

    Later that day he stuck his nose in again stating the same scenario at another shop and reporting me again to my line manager. Actually he was mis-informed and I had taken some stock from the second shop.

    Feeling victimized I revealed that another shop manager at shop Y felt frightened and threatened by the way my colleague speaks to her. (He does have an imposing attitude), and she was considering reporting him. When questioned by my manager the manager at shop Y denied she'd ever said it.

    That evening my colleague texted me asking why I'd told our manager about the manager at shop Y since that had got him in trouble so I asked him why he had reported me and he replied "What would I have done". Obviously my manager had told him what I said even though I'd told her in confidence.

    The next day I was summoned to a meeting with my manager and my colleague, (who stood up throughout the meeting to make himself look more domineering), to settle the matter and move on.

    Instead of settling it she has created a situation between us that's not going to go away and make it difficult for me at work. He would like to take it further but he agreed not to.

    Okay I was in the wrong and should have left manager Y to report it but I felt cornered. My manager and colleague have completely turned it around to make me out to blame.

    Worst of all our manager handled it totally wrongly by getting us in her office and creating a bad situation between two members of staff that need not have arisen if she had dealt with it differently.

    What can I do since I believe bank staff have the same employment rights as contracted staff when at work. Should I just talk again with just our manager, go to her manager who is head of our division or take it to HR with a grievance procedure?

    Also for future reference should I ask for a specific document that completely outlines in detail my duties and responsibilities since none of us currently have one?

    I can't get it out of my mind and it's driving me nuts and I'm so upset.

    Thanks in anticipation.
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