Can any one give me any advice on my current situation. I have been working for a company for just under a year, and throughout my time at the company I have suffered with really bad anxiety. One of the main issues I have is the thought that my managers are discussing my ongoing issues (disciplinary etc) with other members of staff. I have brought this up on a number of occasions even in previous disciplinary with a member of HR and my manager and was promised that this would be stopped going forward. However I had another incident recently whereby I was not in as I recently became homeless and sent an email to my manager explaining this and asking for the information to be kept private and then actually handed my notice in due to the fact I know the whole office was talking about my situation as my manager was going telling everyone and I had messages from other members of staff at the same level as me saying that I was leaving. this caused me to have a really bad episode with my anxiety (sounds silly i know) so I did not go into work the next day and then I was supposedly sent out a letter for a disciplinary which I never received (as i previously stated to them i was homeless and had no access to the address). However I then found out that I was meant to be at a disciplinary and that a number of managers were going around telling people that I never turned up and that I had actually been sacked.I have sent an email out to the HR department who said that they are going to look into it but I was just wondering if I would be able to argue that I should be able to get my 4 weeks notice pay as I know i didn't work it but that was due to my anxiety as I know the whole department new my situation,. Im also worried about getting a bad reference due to the company's ongoing bad management. Any advice would be appreciated