I need help;
I was with my partner from 1990 until her death in 1998 at 50...she died of a brain tumour, as did my father.
I am an ex-serviceman.
I got on famously with her parents and one of her two younger sisters, but when this struck her parents were elderly...I cared for her as much as I could, and, just before she died her temperature rose dramatically..I had rung the doctors, who turned up at our flat, and advised us to ring her parents, so they could be with her.
they refused...and on hearing this Jakki, (My partners name) went into a rage..about them and told me she hated them because she just wanted a cuddle. (all this took place in front of Dr Janet Young a dr in Ware).

She then told me she had left the flat to me in trust to live in for the rest of my life provided i pay all outgoings..to which I readily agreed, (I was paying money for the flat upkeep) and i had with her approval got another job, doing market research, she also told me she wanted her DLA cashing so we could go out on holiday, so I did that for her, she told me i was to inform the credit card people when she died and cut the cards up and tell the building society.
The doctor left, and it was decided she should move into her parents house after her final appointment at the royal free hospital, so I dropped her off in Broxbourne on the way back to our flat in Ware.

All of a sudden her parents attitude towards me changed.
Prior to this it was very hard to get them to come to the flat in Ware, but then after Jakki went to live at Broxbourne for the last four weeks of her life; I could not keep them out of It.
They came and told me they had "Power of Attorney" cut off my telephone, and told me I had caused them "Problems" now, I never found out what the nature of the problems were, Jakki certainly never ever spoke to me of any such Power of Attorney, and prior to her death i was helping her study for an A level law course...After her death I was summoned, and told to"bring your cheque book", I was accused of stealing 10,000 pounds, jewellery and clothes.
They walked in an out of the flat as if they owned it, I was grieving, but that mattered not to them, thy immediately reported to the district council, who sent me forms to fill in, they went to the management company and demanded half the service charge back, (I went to the CAB, who advised me to change the locks, which I did..) and through her daughters, has harassed and intimidated me purposefully since...in 2005 the daughter illegally evicted me without any notice, and had me arrested for theft, and kept sending me threatening letters; which has destabilised my mental state, and made it very hard to keep up payments on the property, and now they have gone to court to have me evicted, but the will stands, so I get any monies IF I request the flat be sold, which i won't. They will not leave this alone and have deliberately harassed me for 18 years, I am so frightened. Can Trustees behave in such a manner as to benefit from this?