I posted some time ago about a ltd company I was a director off. two partners. two directors. in its most simple format. we both signed an agreement that I would buy 50% of assets valued at 90,000 owned by company at 500 per month.

three months later. senior director. says he is getting bum deal. the agreement is null and void. sacks me. closes bank company bank account. goes to specific customers asks them to pay him personally net of vat. then denies hes ever had the money. I wrote to two customers and told them to only pay the ltd company. I took items small machinery of the company to sell to pay creditors. I still have these as creditors have not pursued the matter as yet.

9 months later. company wound up. I tried to stop this but could not. he sstill trading and now is sueing me, yes me for degradation of directors duties..theft and a load of rubbish.

Ive put in a defense. ive received notice of allocation, but I really should counter sue him on behalf of company for theft of company money so to deal with the matter properly. how do I request this in the directions questionnaire/direction questionnaire..

many thanks