Hello everyone

New to this forum but hoping that i might be able to get some advice here, so thank you in advance.

Unfortunately I have been a victim of fraud. I sent money to what I thought was my builders bank account, but his email had been hacked and it was a fraudsters account.

The email address used for his invoice was exactly the same as the one we had been conversing through for some time.

Obviously, money is gone. I have reported to the Police and both banks (my account is HSBC, recipient is Halifax).

Can someone advise me, what are my rights with regard to obtaining information on the Halifax account? I want to know whose account it was and I would like to investigate whether they followed correct identification process when opening the account. If they didn't would I have a case which I could take to the ombudsman?

I am waiting for Police to investigate, but I don't hold out much hope. This is money I really cannot afford to lose and I am so annoyed at myself for not realising I was being duped. I haven't repaid builder yet, but I guess I will have to do so.

Is there any other possible method of recourse? Would the email provider have any liability? Would there be a possibility of claiming on any house insurance or builders' public liability?

Any advice gratefully received.