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  • charitynjw's Avatar
    Today, 00:49:AM
    Ok The big question......did you, either in your submitted defence or in a separate CCA request, ask for or mention disclosure of documents via sections 77-79 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974? (You did try to do so, I believe!)
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  • Diana M's Avatar
    Today, 00:45:AM
    Diana M replied to a thread CCJ issue. in Money & Debt
    It doesn't have to be complicated :) 1. Send the SAR like I said. 2. Make a copy of your credit file showing that you are on the Electoral Roll at your current address and have been for the last four years. 3. Check your CRA file to see if...
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  • Dominic1990's Avatar
    Today, 00:25:AM
    I have had a car from wheels4sure 32 month lease. Ends February 2018 I had an email the other day saying I have had an audit done on my account and have missed several payments, first two months in 2015 and two in 2016 and then January and...
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  • pt2537's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:41:PM
    pt2537 replied to a thread Lowell/BW Legal in Welcome Forum
    Oh my lord, so let me get this straight, They say, the Defendant asked for the default notice, we dont have the default notice but one would have been sent. How can BW legal make such an assertion, they arent the original creditor , and they...
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  • skilganon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:39:PM
    thank you once again pt2537, the defendants witness statement did not tackle the default notice just the fact that there had never been one, however we did file a skeleton argument which i can let you see the contents of, i notice you have...
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  • Mr dmc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:37:PM
    Oh, and yeah the reason they stopped taking the money was because I quizzed them about ppi so they stopped takin the money during there investigation.
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  • pt2537's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:34:PM
    pt2537 replied to a thread Lowell/BW Legal in Welcome Forum
    Hi there ive moderated the post you made as it contained your personal details. Ill reply to the issues raised in your post asap, either tonight or tomorrow morning when im at work.
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  • Mr dmc's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:33:PM
    Hi, yeah i Received an email with a copy of my loan agreement and legal charge. Doesn't make much sense to me.. is it possible for me to send you a copy..? Thanks..
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  • Joanna C's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:22:PM
    Joanna C replied to a thread CCJ issue. in Money & Debt
    As Di has said you need to check as best you can that the debt is statute barred. If you are happy that it is statute barred then in the template letter at post #14 it would assist if you added that you believe the debt to be statute barred as well....
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  • pt2537's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:21:PM
    That is the exact same document, even the dates on page two match, which was produced in a case i dealt with vs 1st Credit. The Default in that case was declared by the County Court at Southend to be defective and thus the Claim was dismissed for...
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  • Weazal's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:18:PM
    Weazal replied to a thread CCJ issue. in Money & Debt
    Right OK. So letter asking to set aside and SAR will be looked at tomorrow then and I will send it off recorded delivery. All that to look forward too after a 12 hour day at work. Failing that if I decide to go down the litigation route can anyone...
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  • Termin8tor's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:15:PM
    I received a letter through the post from a law firm regarding a debt from nearly six years ago. I acknowledged it through the NCCBC online service and indicated my intention to defend in full. I sent a CCA and CPR 31.14 request as per typical...
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  • pt2537's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:07:PM
    pt2537 replied to a thread CCJ issue. in Money & Debt
    The short answer is yes, if they have a judgment, then they can enforce it until it is set aside. What needs to happen here is that firstly you need to be pro active, you cannot sit on your laurels as each day thats delayed is a day lost ...
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  • Joanna C's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:06:PM
    He has only just been made bankrupt because of the recent judgment so he will normally have 12 months grace before the Official Receiver or Trustee will take steps to sell the family home.
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  • skilganon's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:00:PM
    i will attach a copy of what was filed and served, what i need you to know before you view the attached is... this was NOT redacted by the defendant, has NOT been redacted by myself but was redacted by lowells before submitting it as evidence !?...
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  • Joanna C's Avatar
    Yesterday, 22:59:PM
    I know PT - as you know I am very concerned about the increasing lack of access to justice for consumers - and affordability with court fees etc. I raised this issue with the President of the Law Society when we met in Prague and I was pleased to...
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