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  • plasterer's Avatar
    Today, 21:00:PM
    plasterer started a thread Hello to All in Welcome Forum
    Hello And thanks for having me , Member of many forums admin on some , (not all as legal as this ) lol mostly sky and cable forums . Anyways after helping many , now looking for some advice and help myself Thanks again...
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  • Amethyst's Avatar
    Today, 20:50:PM
    Amethyst replied to a thread DWP debt management in Money & Debt
    Oh goodness, so unfair. I had social fund loans in 2008/2009 time and they were being paid back out of my benefit payments - but there were never any statements sent and I have no idea if they have been paid off or are sitting there waiting to...
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  • fixit44's Avatar
    Today, 20:49:PM
    I know this problem has probably being covered previously but I am new to the forum and would like a little help here please. I took out a 4 year PCP finance with VWFS on a brand new Audi with a mileage agreement of 12000 miles per annum and not...
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  • sophia_'s Avatar
    Today, 20:47:PM
    Hi. I was employed for four years. The contractor was given some information by mistake. I asked my colleague to print out information in an email and put it in an envelope. It would then be signed off by me. Unfortunately, in the email was a...
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  • roop27's Avatar
    Today, 20:36:PM
    Hi Just received a PCN from Euro Car Parks in the wife's name (registered keeper) however she was not the driver at the time. Its still within the 14 days period of discount. Basically the driver entered the car park and dropped passenger off,...
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  • Samara's Avatar
    Today, 20:34:PM
    Samara replied to a thread DWP debt management in Money & Debt
    My son has just realised it was from 12 years ago and he had a social fund payment made this was before working 16 hours and under,h e thought he had paid this back only one letter before this one stating he owed amount £276, shocking after 12 years...
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  • gat_3's Avatar
    Today, 20:30:PM
    thank you! I'll probably be back to ask for advice on writing my defence :) Yeah, I definitely think I shouldn't have be chased for this but the law is too murky here. Thanks again!
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  • warwick65's Avatar
    Today, 20:25:PM
    I wish you good luck There are lots of things I would personally like to know about PDL's and the regulatory requirements for enforcement because there has been lots of conflicting info given out across t'internet
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  • ostell's Avatar
    Today, 20:22:PM
    ostell replied to a thread Ltd Company ripp off in Welcome Forum
    Did you buy it in your own name or company name? In your own name then Consumer Rights Act gives you the right to reject the vehicle. After 30 days and before 6 months you have to give them one chance to repair
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  • gat_3's Avatar
    Today, 20:21:PM
    I was going to, but I didn't want them to use my non-response against me at a later date. I made sure I didn't answer any questions and just kept on asking them what their email was about. They kept asking if I had all information and then asked...
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  • warwick65's Avatar
    Today, 20:20:PM
    I just wonder why so many people say that mediation should not go ahead if the claimant has not provided all the documents asked for. I am not suggesting that anyone should role over and pay up but just bear a few points in mind 1) Mediation...
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  • warwick65's Avatar
    Today, 20:13:PM
    Please keep off the phone to people like this.
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  • warwick65's Avatar
    Today, 20:10:PM
    Something you need to remember In the civil court the standard of proof is on the balance of probabilities i.e. it is more likely than not . In criminal court the standard of proof is much higher in that it is beyond reasonable doubt So for...
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  • gat_3's Avatar
    Today, 19:37:PM
    Well Moriarty sent me an email asking me to call them, which I did. When I spoke to them I just gathered that they wanted to see if i wanted to make a deal (i didn't) so I called the mediation service to let them know that i wasn't suitable for...
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  • Amethyst's Avatar
    Today, 19:30:PM
    Could this be statute barred ?
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  • charitynjw's Avatar
    Today, 19:13:PM
    charitynjw replied to a thread MET Parking Fine in Welcome Forum
    Another thought has occurred to me. When parking co's access the DVLA database for keeper details, they must do a separate request for each separate event. Sometimes when there are multiple events they sometimes 'overlook' this detail (after...
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  • Carlosdecorator's Avatar
    Today, 18:57:PM
    Is it a Ltd. business? If so, was the vans in the business's name? If they were and the business is closing or going bump, I think I'm right in saying that all debt goes with the company. Directors are not held responsible for company debt, that's...
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  • Carlosdecorator's Avatar
    Today, 18:51:PM
    Hello, I saw a van advertised an ebay in Cardiff. I'm in Manchester. It was a Vauxhall Vivaro 2010 at £6000. I spoke to the business seller who has an ebay business account about the van who told me it has had a new clutch and was well...
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  • des8's Avatar
    Today, 18:41:PM
    It does appear likely that the conveyancers have messed up, and have some sorting out to do! Await their response to the letter. Was the conveyance carried out by a firm of solicitors? Possibly contact the vendors solicitors if all else fails...
    4 replies | 93 view(s)
  • charitynjw's Avatar
    Today, 18:14:PM
    charitynjw replied to a thread MET Parking Fine in Welcome Forum
    No worries, Abbie. We may have to do POPLA. Could you get some good pics of site signage? & a look at the other 3 Ntk's, if you can pop them up here.
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  • Grs's Avatar
    Today, 18:00:PM
    Hi Warwick, I stupidly assumed they would have to prove without doubt that the debt belongs to me. I received a letter back from Lowell solicitors and there was nothing officially from Three just what looks like reconstituted information put...
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  • ianmantra's Avatar
    Today, 17:52:PM
    Hi Again Thanks to the 2 respondents so far. Have looked at the link, well the page that comes up. Read through the contents and to be totally honest I'm none the wiser regarding my sisters predicament. Des8....My sister called their office late...
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  • warwick65's Avatar
    Today, 17:49:PM
    Hi Well you did offer them an extension and they did not reply or take you up on the offer so you could alter your defence to say that. As for lodging your defence, it is generally recommended that defences are lodged as near to the deadline as...
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  • warwick65's Avatar
    Today, 17:46:PM
    HI If you ask for it and the judge agrees with you they may need to show the deed of assignment As for the other points you made , yes they may be accepted by the judge as good a good defence , of course they may well be able to provide a...
    20 replies | 277 view(s)
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